What You Didn’t Know About the Fire Safety Industry

What You Didn’t Know About the Fire Safety Industry
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What You Didn’t Know About the Fire Safety Industry

Fire safety is vital for everyone. Whether you’re practicing an emergency fire drill at school, learning how to operate a Class A fire extinguisher at your house, or determining the best numbers to call in emergency situations, there are many elements to fire safety. There are also some interesting facts about the industry that you may not have known about. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Ancient Rome Had the First Fire Department

When people think of ancient Rome, they usually think about many architectural renovations like their roads, columns, and aqueducts. But did you know that Rome was also the first place to have the earliest version of a fire department? The first known fire brigade was known as “Vigiles.” This organization not only responded to fires within the city, but they were also responsible for maintaining public order.

Smoke Detectors Were Created in 1890

In 2022, the market size of the Fire & Smoke Alarm Manufacturing industry was $1.3 billion, according to IBISWorld. This industry may have Francis Robbins Upton to thank for creating the first alarm in 1890. The very first smoke alarm was very simple. It consisted of a bell and a battery-powered electromagnet. The alarm was activated when smoke got inside the chamber and caused a disruption in the circuit. Now, we have more advanced alarms like the Notifier line by Honeywell.

The First Extinguisher Was Created in 1818

Before the dawn of the smoke alarm, the world’s first fire extinguisher was born. British captain George William Manby created the first portable and effective extinguisher in 1818. He made his device by taking a copper vessel and filling it with potassium carbonate. Before that, people could only rely on water or sand to put out fires. Manby’s invention paved the way for later models like the Pyro-Chem and Badger extinguishers available on the market today.

The Great Chicago Fire Set the Stage for Modern Fire Safety

If you’ve studied American history, you likely have heard of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. This devastating fire destroyed over 17 thousand structures and cost the city over $200 million in damages, according to Britannica. After such loss, people realized there had to be some changes in fire safety. As a result, major fire sprinkler systems, fire-resistant building materials, and fire escapes became the norm.

Fires can happen anywhere in the world, so it’s a concern all over the planet. That’s why maintaining updated knowledge of safety practices and standards is a must for individuals, businesses, educational facilities, and more. By staying informed of fire safety practices and equipment, people can stay safe. To learn more about fire prevention, contact FireTron today for more information about our advanced fire safety solutions.