Silent Panic Alarm Systems

Protect Your Students & Faculty

Silent panic alarm systems are a vital part of an effective emergency response system. According to the FBI, 70% of shootings last less than 5 minutes and 60% end before the first responders can arrive. Schools need to have a silent panic alarm system that is fast and reliable.

FireTron prides itself in creating some of the most reliable silent panic alarm systems. Communication is hardwired for a landline to ensure a fast and reliable connection to the authorities. That way, you don’t need to worry about cell signal or network connectivity. These systems are designed as part of campus communication systems which means you can use them for day-to-day activities and emergencies.

We also believe that your school should own the entire system for its entire lifetime rather than renting it out. Besides any maintenance or upkeep, you only pay one time for your silent panic alarm system. This means your school gets a reliable communication system.

Our Silent Panic Alarm Solutions Provide:

Immediate In-Building Communication

Keep your students and staff safe and informed about ongoing events by tying in overhead audio, televisions, computer screens, cell phones and specialized messaging equipment.

Fast & Simple Action Plan

Initiate your automated emergency response plan with the push of a wall mounted button, an app on a mobile phone, a dial sequence on a desk phone, or a program on a workstation.

Real-Time Updates to Responders

Responders can be provided with real-time updates as the local situation evolves – allowing them to, quickly, effectively, and precisely mitigate threats.
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What is a silent panic alarm?
A silent system signal generated by activating a device via a physical button or a software application to alert local authorities of school emergencies.
How does Firetron’s silent panic alarm system work?
Our system integrates with your paging and intercom systems to allow teachers in any classroom to activate the silent panic alarm. Please feel free to call us for more information on how this system would work in your school.
Is Firetron’s silent panic alarm system compliant with Alyssa’s Law?
How can I tell if my silent panic alarm system is working correctly?
Regular testing and maintenance is highly recommended to ensure your system is working effectively. Our professional technicians can review your system and recommend updates on a regular basis. All you need to do is call us today to get started.
What features should I look for in a silent panic alarm system?
We recommend having a system that integrates with your current communications system so it is easy for your faculty to use. We also believe your system should use a landline because it is vital that your alert message to authorities is not delayed. Besides that, having a system that managing your data properly and reports efficiency to share and receive emergency data effectively.