Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems

Ensure Reliable Two-Way Emergency Communication

When an emergency event unfolds, maintaining 100% reliable radio communications for first responders facilitates greater protection for people and property. However, 56% of first responders have experienced a communication failure within a building during an emergency event within the last two years, according to the 2017 survey of the IAFC by SBC.

The performance of emergency responders’ and public safety radio systems can be affected by building construction, building size, construction features and other elements that absorb or block radio communications such as concrete or metal construction, low-E glass, large buildings, & underground structures.

Is Your Building In The Emergency Communication Dead Zone?

98.5 %
Reported Building Dead Spots
56 %
Experienced In-Building Emergency Communications Failure
in last two years
31 %
Experienced Communications Failure
in last six months

Source: International Association of Fire Chiefs Survey | December 2017

FireTron's ERCE Services

When building a new facility, or renovating an existing property, including a radio signal strength site survey as part of the construction planning process will identify areas of insufficient radio coverage and confirm whether an ERCES is required. This is why FireTron is equipped to provide:

Facility Survey

System Planning & Design

System Installation

Project Commissioning

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