Integrated Security Systems

Protect Your Business Assets With A Security System

FireTron provides a complete security system solutions for your business with Intrusion Alarm, Access Control, Security Cameras (CCTV), and 24-hour Monitoring. We manage all aspects of an installation from initial consultation and design, to product selection, permitting, installation, training and on-going service agreements.

Commercial Intrusion Alarm Systems

Intrusion Alarm Systems are the foundation of the security system for your business. They establish the base-line of defense, protecting building and property after-hours when no one is present.

These common elements act together to provide automatic detection and manual activation for the most typical security threats that concern business and building owners:


Glass Break Detectors

Door Contacts

Sirens & Strobes

Motion Detectors

Commercial Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems provide the next line of defense by restricting access to different operating areas of the business around the clock. Security technology now makes it possible to integrate credential cards, biometric readers, code-controlled keypads, and toll tags in a system customized to your security needs. Controlling the access times and flow of employees and non-employees in a facility is the single biggest step in providing comprehensive security protection.

Access Control Readers

Communication Terminals

Locking Hardware

Security Gates & Doors

Commercial CCTV Systems & HD Video Surveillance

Prevent theft, protect employees, and safeguard your employees with a commercial security camera system. No other security hardware deters criminals and prevents theft like a commercial video surveillance network. And the best security camera surveillance systems are installed by professional techs who understand property weak points and blind spots.

Commercial Security Surveillance Installation & System Offerings Include:

IP Cameras 1080p & 720p
DVR/CCTV/Video Security Systems Sales & Installation
License Plate Recognition / Reader Cameras (LPR’s)
Audio Recording
Motion Detection
Infrared Night Vision Cameras
Mounts & Recorders
Video Management Software & Systems
Surveillance Systems & Software Integrations
Central Station Video Monitoring
Fiber Optic Solutions
PoE Distance Limitation Solutions
Wireless Camera Solutions
Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
Conduit Assemblies
Maintenance & Upgrade Plans