Notifier by Honeywell

Honeywell Notifier NFS2-3030

The NFS2-3030 is the complete solution for large scale applications requiring superior performance. This intelligent fire alarm control panel is part of NOTIFIER's UL listed ONYX Series. The NFS2-3030 supports over 3,000 intelligent devices on ten Signaling Line Circuits, perfect for protecting large scale applications.

Features & Benefits:
Large 640-character LCD backlit display or displayless
Networkable with NOTI-FIRE-NET and ONYXWorks compatible up to 200 nodes for NFN
Built-in degraded mode option
Optional integrated Digital Voice Command (DVC)
EIA-485 annunicators, including custom graphics
FM6320 approved gas detection system
Listings: Releasing, Mass Notification, Seismic Certified, Marine Approved

Honeywell Notifier DVC Series

The Digital Voice Command (DVC) is the heart of a full featured audio command center providing voice evacuation for Emergency Communications and Mass Notification applications. The ability to play 8 simultaneous messages and network multiple DVCs across a campus or within a large facility enables the system to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. This capability allows for an appropriate and targeted response for any type of emergency or non-emergency event, as well as broadcast general information. The firefighters/emergency telephone option enables two-way communication between command centers and distributed emergency telephones.

Features & Benefits:
8 Channel Digital Audio to play the right message to the right occupants at the right time with distortion free audio
Network option allows the system to be configured to meet current ECS/MNS and be expanded to meet any future ECS/MNS needs
UL 2572 and UL 864 listings meet requirements for voice evacuation for fire and Mass Notification System Applications
Unified Facilities Criteria compliant to meet Department of Defense applications/requirements
Third party audio integration to play background music when not performing event notification or integrate PBX paging systems
Multi-media support allowing the preferred media (wire, single mode fiber, multi-mode) to be used for each digital audio loop segment

Honeywell Notifier NOTI-FIRE-NET™

NOTI-FIRE-NET™ is the interface which allows NOTIFIER Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels to form a network. Each local control panel (network node) maintains its own area of protection, while monitoring and controlling other areas (other network nodes). Local information is displayed at each network node. In areas such as a security office, where the entire network must be monitored, network annunciators are available.

Features & Benefits:
Fiber optic (multi-mode), wire, or combination wire/fiber communications path
NFPA Style 4 or Style 7 network operation
Based on proven ARCNET® technology
Data communications (312,500 BPS) faster than competitive networks
Multiple Network Control Annunciators (NCA) or ONYXWorks
Workstations may be placed anywhere on the network
Node failure does not affect any other nodes/communications

Honeywell Notifier ONYXWorks®

ONYXWorks® is a single-point-of-control workstation for centralized life safety management. The intuitive, graphical interface allows personnel to rapidly identify and respond to alarm events with minimal operator training.

Features & Benefits:
Supports single-site, multi-site and worldwide applications
Seamless integration with competitive panels
Secure access over a proprietary network
Mass Notification System capabilities through IP-based voice paging
UUKL Listed (Firefighter Smoke Control Station)
UL/ULC Listed; FM Approved

Honeywell Notifier ONYX FirstVision™

ONYX FirstVision™ is a revolutionary wayfinding navigational touchscreen tool for firefighters and other emergency responders that displays critical information on the origin and spread of a fire for single or multi-building sites, allowing firefighters to quickly address the situation.

Features & Benefits:
22" LCD touchscreen
Intuitive graphical interface with automatic navigation to emergency event location
Time sequence display of activated detectors to track event progression
Interfaces to ONYX® Series panels or NOTI-FIRE-NET (standard or high-speed) through NFN Gateway over Ethernet
Displays critical information on water supplies, gas, power and HVAC shutoffs along with chemical and physical hazards in the building
UL/ULC listed for supplementary use

Honeywell Notifier Addressable Class B Bi-Directional Amplifiers

The NOTIFIER Addressable Class B BDAs are signal boosters for In-Building 2-way Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement with built-in NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Panel Addressable Monitor Module. NOTIFIER Addressable Class B Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) are high gain, high power band-selective signal boosters/bi-directional amplifiers that can integrate directly to a NOTIFIER fire alarm control panel with a built-in NOTIFIER addressable monitor module. Designed and customized to meet all public safety frequency band ranges, it is intended to provide reliable two-way radio signal coverage inside buildings, tunnels and other structures. The band selective design delivers a reliable performance in even the most challenging RF environments.

Features & Benefits:
Single portfolio to meet any application across US supporting all public safety frequency bands
UL2524 In-building 2-Way Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems listing
CSFM listing
NFPA 72 2010 Edition, NFPA 1221 2016 Edition and IFC 2018 compliant
Built-In NOTIFIER Addressable Monitor Module
Various models available for UHF, VHF,700MHz, 800 MHz and multi-band
Integrated dual power supply and battery charger with intelligent battery monitoring
NEMA 4 Type (UL Type-4) Approved Equipment Enclosure
NEMA 3R Type (UL Type-3R) Approved Battery Enclosure
Supports higher system gain for efficient link budgeting

Honeywell Notifier Intelligent VESDA-E VEU

Intelligent VESDA-E VEU aspirating smoke detectors are seamlessly integrated on the SLC loop with NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels for a complete very early warning fire system.

The VEU offers an ultra-wide sensitivity range, and provision for more sampling holes provide an increased coverage in high airflow applications by at least 40%. Considerably longer pipe runs and extended branched pipe network configurations allow the VEU to fit perfectly in to high ceiling and large open space areas while still allowing the detector to be mounted in an easily serviceable location reducing total cost of ownership.

Built on the revolutionary Flair detection chamber technology, which uses a CMOS imager for direct imaging of particles in addition to multiple photo-diodes, the VESDA-E VEU provides unsurpassed detection performance in addition to best in class flexibility, field programmability and connectivity.

Features & Benefits:
Industry leading longest pipe runs and highest area coverage
Ultra-wide sensitivity range deliver optimum protection for the widest range of applications
Alarm and trouble status reporting at the fire alarm control panel without using any additional hardware
FLAIR detection technology delivers reliable very early warning smoke detection
Multi-stage filtration
Intuitive LCD user interface
Airflow monitoring at each port
Referencing to accommodate external environmental conditions to minimize nuisance alarms
Backwards compatible with VESDA VLP
Remote monitoring with iVESDA mobile app
Configuration through VESDA VSC application

Honeywell Notifier Inspection Manager

Inspection Manager is a cloud-based application which streamlines commissioning, test, inspection and compliance reporting of life safety systems. Paired with a web portal (or NFN Gateway, BACNet Gateway or NWS-3), technicians can pull data directly from addressable devices. Test results of non-addressable devices can be scanned by using barcodes.

Features & Benefits:
Customizable Reporting adapts to users' needs
Reports can be accessed 24/7
Easily store equipment notes and photos for corrective actions
Search and sort functions make item list review quick and easy