Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Keep Your Business Safe With a Commercial Fire Sprinkler System

A code compliant fire sprinkler system is vital to protecting your facility and tenants. Uncontrollable fires can spread very rapidly. This accelerated speed of a fire is slowed down by the presence of a fire sprinkler system. When activated, a fire sprinkler system can extinguish or suppress a fire, keeping it contained long enough for professionals to arrive and eliminate it. A properly installed fire sprinkler system can give people within your business the time necessary to get out in a safe manner.

FireTron’s trusted team will design and install a commercial fire sprinkler system that is perfectly suited to fit your company’s needs and the specifications of your facility. We install a wide range of sprinkler systems during both new construction or modification projects. Our expert team of fire safety engineers will consult with you and help determine the needs of your space in order to keep your business safe.

FireTron's Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Include:

Sprinkler Heads

Fire Pumps

Sprinkler Piping

Valve Assemblies