Service & Inspections

Make Sure Your Facility Stays Emergency Ready

More than 100,000 fires occur in non-residential buildings every year, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), costing organizations billions of dollars in damages. For this reason, maintenance and engineering managers need to ensure that their facilities’ fire and life safety systems have been correctly installed and maintained to protect from property damage or, worse, a loss of life. That’s why FireTron offers expert sprinkler and fire alarm inspections and services for your business.

If a facility fails to complete inspections, testing, & maintenance per NFPA requirements, the result could be failures during an emergency event, such as a delay in notifying first responders, a delay in notifying building staff and occupants, inadequate protection by a fire sprinkler to control a fire, a lack of water flow or pressure for use by the fire department, and increased egress times. Trust the experts at FireTron to keep your facilities NFPA compliant, and valued tenants safe.