Protect Your Apartment Buildings With Updated Fire Sprinkler Systems

Protect Your Apartment Buildings With Updated Fire Sprinkler Systems
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Protect Your Apartment Buildings With Updated Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fires are dangerous in any setting, and it’s especially devastating if they occur somewhere a lot of people live. According to Comfy Living, 30% of fires occur in residential buildings, which can put people in the situation of losing precious items, or worse. That’s why, as a residential property owner, you need to have updated fire sprinkler systems in your apartment buildings. Let’s take a closer look at why making this upgrade is worth it.

The Technology Has Improved

With new fire sprinkler systems, you’ll benefit from unprecedented convenience. New sprinkler technology lets you know what sprinklers will protect what area. This will give you a degree of control those earlier systems didn’t.

There Are Fewer False Alarms

An issue that any fire safety company will be aware of is the tendency for older technology to have false alarms. This may cause people to ignore an alarm when it goes off, which could result in tragedy. Newer technology is much more finely calibrated and can tell what might set off a false alarm. This will help make things safer for all your residents.

There’s Less Danger of Seizures

In the past, the flashing lights of a fire alarm and sprinkler system could induce seizures in people with epilepsy. The lights of these systems are now synchronized differently to avoid this problem. This is especially important in larger apartment buildings, as it can be hard to move a person who is in the middle of a seizure. down multiple flights of stairs.

New Systems Are More User Friendly

New fire sprinklers also have displays that are much easier for people to read. Since you don’t want to waste time trying to read something while a fire’s raging, it’s critical that newer displays can shave valuable seconds off to help keep everyone safe.

All these benefits are more than reason enough to upgrade the fire sprinkler system in your apartment buildings. The initial cost is well worth it to ensure your residents are safe from harm. You’ll also be protecting yourself from potential lawsuits by making this upgrade, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. if you’re looking for a fire safety company to help you protect your property, FireTron is the team you can trust. We have over 30 years of experience in this field. Contact us for more information!