Rauland-AMETEK Telecenter® U

While most events in a school won’t be an emergency, when dealing with children the ability to respond quickly is still a necessity. FireTron supplies their customers with two innovative school communication systems and master time and sound systems from Rauland. FireTron’s Rauland systems will address all issues by automating and consolidating communication and emergency procedures through the entire facility.

Every day your school’s employees strive to provide the best education to your students. Don’t you think it’s time to make their lives easier and safer with one of FireTron’s advanced communication systems?

Rauland Telecenter® U offers:

Smart Scheduling

Make sure the school day runs smoothly by pre-scheduling and managing schedules of clocks, bells, and more.

Smart Days

Ensure every day communication is flawless. Login in through a web browser in your school and communicate with one facility or many facilities.

Smart Response

Pre-recorded instructions walk your facility through the steps to take in each emergency situation.

District Wide Notification

A variety of emergency sequences can be triggered from a phone, web browser, or panic button.

Emergency Check-In

Know instantly which classrooms haven’t been secured.

Recorded Instructions

With one touch, you can activate emergency tones, emails, and voice directions.

Event Management

Control music over the sound system, manage pre-recorded messages, adapt the school schedule, and more.

Communication of Daily Operations

Communicate across multiple campuses, control morning announcements, route calls to specific people, and more.