How Many Fire Extinguishers Should Your Office Have?

How Many Fire Extinguishers Should Your Office Have?
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How Many Fire Extinguishers Should Your Office Have?

Ensuring your office has adequate fire safety measures in place is an important responsibility. While you may feel safe from fires at work, they can break out anywhere and at any time. According to the National Fire Protection Association, every year, an average of 3,340 fires happen in offices every year. Fire extinguishers are a key part of any fire safety plan, but how many fire extinguishers for businesses should you have? Let’s take a look at some recommendations.

Do a Fire Risk Assessment

The number of fire extinguishers for businesses you’ll need depends on the size and layout of your office, what combustible materials are present, and the number of employees. As a first step, do a thorough fire risk assessment. This will identify any fire hazards so you can take steps to control them. Look at the type of workspace and what equipment is used. An office with lots of paper records or chemicals needs more protection than one using only computers. Make sure to check storage areas too.

Follow Occupancy Guideline Standards

Most jurisdictions follow occupational health and safety guidelines on fire extinguisher requirements. These guidelines base the number of fire extinguishers needed on the number of employees and the floor space size. For example, according to the OSHA website, an office with up to 3,000 square feet of workspace should have at least one 2A:10B:C type extinguisher per 75 feet of travel distance. Offices with 3,001 to 6,000 square feet need at least two extinguishers.

Place Extinguishers Strategically

In addition to having the right number of fire extinguishers, their placement is important too. They should be visible and easily accessible. Install extinguishers near exits, stairwells, and common areas like break rooms or printing stations. Don’t place them too close to potential fire hazards. And make sure employees know the location of every extinguisher.

Inspect and Maintain Extinguishers Regularly

Simply having fire extinguishers is not enough – they need to be properly maintained. Establish monthly visual inspections to check pressure gauges and look for any damage. Annual professional maintenance checks are also essential.

Having the right number of fire extinguishers for businesses is important for the safety of the employees in your building. Following these tips will help ensure your office has the right number of extinguishers, placed in strategic spots and kept in working order. Protect your team and workspace with this key element of fire safety planning. If you’re looking for assistance with fire inspections, suppression services, or learning how many extinguishers you need, FireTron can help. Call us today to get started.