Here’s How to Create a Safe Work Environment for Your Employees

Here’s How to Create a Safe Work Environment for Your Employees
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Here’s How to Create a Safe Work Environment for Your Employees

When it comes to running a company, creating a safe working environment for your employees should be a high priority. Your equipment should work properly and you should have safety equipment for anything that involves risk. The employees should be trained in how to properly climb ladders. Fire safety is imperative, too. Besides regularly using a fire inspection company, read this blog to learn about a few other things that you can do.

Maintain Your Fire Alarms

People tend to view fire alarms in commercial buildings as decorations rather than being useful. Unfortunately, 30% of the time that’s true, since those alarms have aging or dead batteries according to the National Fire Protection Association. A fire inspection company can go through and point out the ones that need changing. After that, you’ll have a secure building if there is a fire.

Have a Fire Safety Plan

You should have people who are designated as a fire response team. There should be a leader for each shift who knows where everything is in terms of the layout of the office or store. There should be a backup person as well, in case the leader is out for the day. Have a plan and have them practice it. That way, they will be able to execute the plan if there’s a real fire. Make sure that the plan is in a conspicuous place, like the employee break room.

Make Sure There Are No Hazards

When a fire inspection company comes through, they will also note anything that could be hazardous to the employees. Boxes of reams of copy paper blocking an exit? That’s asking for trouble. Make sure that there’s a clear path to every single fire exit. You should inspect things yourself and see that there are no blockages.

While there are a lot of potential safety problems at a workplace, like big boxes haphazardly stacked on top of each other, having a fire plan should be first. You can work your way around the rest of the work environment after that is in place. There may be some work where you can only mitigate risk instead of eliminating it. In those instances, training is fundamental, and people should work in pairs in some instances. You’ll know that you created the best environment for them.

Are you looking for a fire inspection company that will make sure your place is ready if there’s a fire? We can provide equipment that will help you continuously inspect for and prevent fire hazards in your commercial building. Contact our team at FireTron today!