Alyssa’s Law – Emergency Alert System Requirements

Alyssa’s Law – Emergency Alert System Requirements
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Alyssa’s Law – Emergency Alert System Requirements

About Alyssa’s Law

Alyssa Alhadeff was 14 years old when she tragically lost her life during the Parkland Shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. 17 students and faculty were killed during the shooting, and 17 more were critically injured. The New York Times reported that poor communication, slow response time, and numerous failures on behalf of law enforcement officers contributed to the devastating impact of the Parkland shooting.

Alyssa’s mother founded the nonprofit, Make Our Schools Safe, which is aimed at making all 131,000 K-12 schools in America safe from gun violence and active shooters. With her help, legislation was created in the wake of the Parkland shooting travesty and named in Alyssa’s memory. Governor Abbott signed SB 838/HB 669 into law in June 2023. The law requires school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to provide silent panic alert technology in classrooms by the the 2025 school year. This legislation is based upon the previous Alyssa’s Law legislation passed in Florida and other states.

How Can Schools Keep Their Students Safe?

FireTron has a long history been designing and installing the most reliable silent panic alarm systems currently use across Texas. Firetron systems are specifically designed to make sure faculties have a fast and reliable connection to the authorities. Specifically, Firetron systems are designed with call-assurance and redundancy in mind – a panic system doesn’t secure a school if it doesn’t work in an emergency. The Alyssa’s Law emergency alert systems we create are designed to be user friendly and allow for uninterrupted communication when it matters the most.

Your school will get the additional benefit of owning the entire Alyssa’s Law emergency alert system rather than perpetually leasing and “app”. Other than periodic maintenance, you only pay one time for your Alyssa’s Law emergency alert system.

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say:


Since 2010, FireTron has provided exceptional service on all of our Fire and Life Safety Systems. Their technicians have always been professional and understanding of our non-typical scheduling requirements. They are routinely in contact ensuring that our needs are met keeping maintenance and repair schedules on track and ahead of time. Professional, courteous, and responsive.

Carlos Sepulveda, Director of Operations of Toyota Center


As Chief Engineer, I needed a fast, reliable fire protection company to maintain our fire alarm system. For years I struggled with response times and overall delivery. After extreme frustration, I made the switch to FireTron. Their customized full maintenance solution, customer focus and extraordinary service department has exceeded my expectations. FireTron has protected my property for many years and will continue for many more.

Skip Walenta, Chief Engineer of Cousins Properties


We have been working with FireTron for nearly 5 years and we are entertaining a full maintenance program for our fire alarm systems. We trust and rely on FireTron daily and they never disappoint. The overall customer service is great, their service team technicians and inspectors are impeccable. Our purchase order and work order system can be challenging at times, but I can always depend on FireTron to focus on my system’s issue first.

Kenneth Ruhle, Operations Manager of Shell Woodcreek

Alyssa’s Law – Emergency Alert System Features:

01. Immediate In-Building Communication

Keep your students and staff safe and informed about ongoing events by tying in overhead audio, televisions, computer screens, cell phones and specialized messaging equipment.

02. Fast & Simple Action Plan

Initiate your automated emergency response plan with the push of a wall mounted button, an app on a mobile phone, a dial sequence on a desk phone, or a program on a workstation.

03. Real-Time Updates to Responders

Our systems are capable of providing real-time updates to responders to get them directly to the threat and neutralize it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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