5 Signs You Need a New Fire Alarm

5 Signs You Need a New Fire Alarm
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5 Signs You Need a New Fire Alarm

A reliable and functional fire alarm keeps your home or business safe. There is a fire about every 23 seconds nationwide, and a fire alarm is the first line of defense. It will alert you long before flames spread throughout your home or business, ensuring everyone is safe. However, these alarms do need to be replaced periodically. Keep an eye out for these signs you need a new fire alarm.

1. False Alarms

A fire alarm that goes off repeatedly despite no fire indicates something is wrong with the product. As alarms age, they occasionally malfunction. In this situation, contact a professional for a fire alarm inspection. They can tell you if you need a replacement or how to fix the alarm so it doesn’t keep going off.

2. Frequent Chirping

When a fire alarm has a low battery, it’s common to hear a chirping or beeping sound to alert you that it is time to replace the batteries. However, if you have an alarm that needs replacing, it may keep chirping after you put new batteries in it. You can have the alarm inspected or buy a new one.

3. Alarm’s Age

Most fire alarms have an average lifespan of 8-10 years. The next time you change the batteries, check the date from the manufacturer on the alarm. The date is typically somewhere on the alarm, such as where the battery goes. If your alarm is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s best to replace it before it dies.

4. Physical Damage

A damaged fire alarm is less likely to function correctly. During fire alarm inspections, ask the inspector to check for signs of damage. Damage to fire alarms indicates that they won’t work correctly in an emergency. Speak with a professional to see if you must replace the entire alarm or if you can replace specific components to ensure it works properly.

5. Large Renovations

After completing renovations on a building, it’s essential to have professional fire alarm inspections. Your inspector will ensure that the alarm is still adequate for the new space and make recommendations for fire safety. For example, if you installed a new commercial kitchen during an expansion, you’ll need to install fire alarms and other safety equipment in the kitchen, too.

Having an updated fire alarm that alerts you at the first indication of a fire is paramount to keeping everyone in the building safe. We specialize in fire alarm inspections, fire extinguisher services, and more. Contact us to learn more about our services today.