Important Fire Suppression Equipment

Important Fire Suppression Equipment
Fire Protection

Important Fire Suppression Equipment

Fires may occur practically anywhere and at any moment. If you operate a small business, you surely have hundreds of items that demand your attention every day. You’re probably juggling multiple hard tasks at once, making it easy to overlook the safety and protection of your business and employees from fire hazards. That said, investing in fire suppression equipment is critical for keeping your business safe from fires. Below is some essential fire suppression equipment that your business should have.

A Fire Alarm

If a fire broke out at your place of work, there’s a good possibility you’d be unaware of it. That is why having a networked system of commercial fire alarms for your small business is critical. Most business fire alarms will alert everyone within the facility and the local fire department to the danger.

Fire Extinguishers

There are different fire extinguishers you could keep on hand at your commercial property. Speak with an expert to learn about the many types of fire extinguishers to know which type matches the demands of your commercial space and the sort of business you run. Your local fire code most likely mandates you to maintain a fire extinguisher at your place of business. Every year, hundreds of company owners benefit from these common-sense policies since they help prevent fires.

Fire Sprinkler System

A fire sprinkler system is the ultimate fire suppression equipment. Although there are various types and designs of fire sprinkler systems, they come in handy in the event of an actual fire. When a fire is detected, and the fire sprinkler system is activated, your employees will have ample time to reach the exits or other fire safety equipment.

Fire Hose Reels

Fire hose reels are excellent for putting out class A flames. Which are flames ignited by non-conductive materials such as paper, wood, rubber, and others. Fire hose reels cannot be used to fight electrical fires because they release water. Other forms of fire protection equipment, such as CO2 fire extinguishers, are developed to cope with electrical fires.

Fire Escapes

A commercial property should have various fire escape options. You could use portable ladders kept beneath desks as fire escapes. Your commercial facility should also have at least two fire exits that are well marked with lights and signage. A company specializing in fire safety equipment can provide you with the necessary lights and signals.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), over 100,000 fires occur annually in non-residential buildings. While fires might not seem common, they frequently happen, as the report suggests, and it’s important to prepare for the eventuality to protect your commercial property from debilitating losses. Reach out to us today to get fire suppression equipment for your commercial property.