Keep Your Business Safe with a Fire Safety Inspection

Keep Your Business Safe with a Fire Safety Inspection
Fire Protection

Keep Your Business Safe with a Fire Safety Inspection

Keeping your fire system equipment inspected and certified isn’t just about meeting the laws of your local fire marshal or authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), it’s about the safety of your customers, your employees, and your peace of mind. In some cases, the local authorities may require your business to close if certain safety measures are not found to be up to code, costing your money until that issue can be resolved.

Don’t put your business and people at risk. Rely on the team at FireTron, Inc. to inspect your fire protection equipment and we will also discuss upgrades or integrated systems to better protect your business as well.

Fire Sprinklers

The right fire sprinkler system can be a literal life saver and it can also save your business and valuable property in an emergency situation. NFPA guidelines (NFPA 13) and many local authorities now require that most newly constructed buildings to install a fire sprinkler system, and our experts can help you install and keep your system inspected and ready. Each inspection has the same overall goals: to extend the life of your sprinkler system and to ensure the system is functional should a fire ignite.

As one of the leading fire sprinkler companies in Texas, our sales and technical staff have the practical experience and knowledge to understand your commercial sprinkler system needs and tailor a proposal based on specific job conditions, budget constraints, and schedule concerns.

2. Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers provide the first line of defense when it comes to fire emergencies in your business. Apart from having the correct type of fire extinguisher, you must be sure they are properly inspected and maintained to be ready for use.

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In order to stay compliant with Texas law, a fire extinguisher must be inspected by a licensed technician once a year. To avoid possible fines or issues an emergency, FireTron, Inc. can set up a yearly inspection and maintenance plan for your site’s fire extinguishers.

3. Fire Alarm System Panels

Like all of your fire protection system, you will want to make sure that the panel that controls your system is in proper working order. FireTron, Inc. relies on panels made by Honeywell. During a fire safety inspection, the technician will inspect the panel, circuitry, and any other signals the panel has.

Not having your fire alarm panel inspected or not addressing any warning lights is a lot like not maintaining a car or ignoring the check engine light. If not maintained, your fire protection system could be triggered by a false alarm causing unnecessary damage to your property and possible citations from the local fire department for a false alarm response.

4. Emergency Exit Systems

When a true emergency, such as a fire, happens in your building, lives can be saved with proper lights and directions that illuminate egress routes. This involves more than Emergency Exit lights. Fire protection systems deploy a number of emergency exit elements include signs, lights, sirens, doors, and locks on those doors.

Properly maintaining the lights and batteries in these signs and elements is critical to the fire safety system in your business. During an inspection, the FireTron, Inc. team will make sure that backup batteries are replaced, lights are properly working, and other elements are functioning.