How a Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Works

How a Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Works
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How a Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Works

Do you run a warehouse or a big store? If you do, a commercial fire sprinkler system is a piece of good equipment to have in your arsenal to fight fire outbreaks. Their effectiveness in controlling fires is also backed by research. According to the National Fire Sprinkler Association, it’s estimated that one or two sprinkler heads can put out roughly 97% of building fires. If you’re considering purchasing a commercial fire sprinkler system for your commercial building, here’s a look into how it functions.

Fire Sprinklers Detect Heat

Contrary to common perception, smoke does not activate fire sprinklers. Instead, fire sprinklers function because intense heat activates the sprinkler system. During fires, the air warms up quickly as it burns. This heated air rises to the ceiling and spreads out. A series of events begins when hot enough air hits a sprinkler head. The glass bulb of a sprinkler head is frequently filled with a glycerin-based liquid. It expands when this liquid comes into contact with hot air between 135 and 165 degrees. The expansion of the liquid shatters the container’s glass walls and switches on the sprinkler head.

Fire Sprinklers Douse the Fire

The fire sprinkler head is usually attached to a dependable water supply outside the structure using a pipe. A valve opens when heat triggers a sprinkler head, letting pressurized water flow. A fire sprinkler system needs pressured water to function properly to put out the fire and stop it from rekindling more fully. This enables the water to spray outward in an arc.

Fire Sprinklers Minimize Water Damage

Due to misconceptions generated by movie scenes, many people think all fire sprinklers trigger all at once during a fire. That’s far from the truth. In actuality, fire sprinklers function individually. Most of the time, one or two sprinklers are sufficient to extinguish a fire completely. This ensures that only the little area where the fire began experiences minor water damage. Additionally, the swift action of fire sprinklers is less destructive to your property than a visit from the fire department since they put out flames with around six times less water than a fire hose.

In conclusion, a commercial fire sprinkler system is an effective tool smartly designed to combat fire outbreaks with as little water damage as possible. They’re an excellent tool to have in commercial buildings or warehouses to prevent extensive damage by fire. Do you need a fire sprinkler installation for your commercial building? Give us a call today.