Here’s Why You Should Talk to Children About Fire Safety

Here’s Why You Should Talk to Children About Fire Safety
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Here’s Why You Should Talk to Children About Fire Safety

One of the most important lessons that children need to learn is what to do if a fire starts in their home, school, or a business they visit. This helps them to be prepared in the event of an emergency. The lesson can begin at home or in school but more frequently, industry professionals are coming in to talk about fire safety with children so that they know what to do and also, what not to do. According to IBIS World, the fire and smoke alarm manufacturing industry is worth $1.3 billion as of 2022. Let’s take a look at some things that children should know.

Smoke Detectors

It’s important that kids understand what smoke detectors are and what they sound like. When a smoke detector goes off, they will know that there is a fire somewhere and the situation is unsafe. It’s also a good idea to show kids, particularly older children, where the fire extinguisher is located. While they may not be able to use it, they can provide information to adults during an emergency.

Escape Routes

Work with children to understand two escape routes out of the spaces that they are in. Generally, this is a door and a window. They need to know how to unlock and open windows. If the window has a screen or security bars, they need to know how to quickly open them in the event of an emergency. If the room that they are located in is on the second floor, they need to know where the emergency ladder is and how to use it. Practice will help them become more comfortable with this type of equipment. It’s also good to designate a meeting place where everyone will go when they get outside. This helps ensure that everyone got out safely. A word of caution, many small children have a tendency to hide when frightened, so they need to understand that they shouldn’t hide but use what they’ve been taught to get outside.

Evacuation Techniques

As a fire professional, teacher, or parent, teach children to check a door for heat before opening it. If it’s hot, they should find another way out. Another thing to keep in mind is that they should grab a towel to cover their mouths. This helps to prevent too much smoke from going into their lungs. If there is smoke, they should know that they need to get as low to the ground as possible where the air is slightly clearer.

Education about fire safety is more than showing kids a fire extinguisher. It’s about teaching skills that can help them wherever they are if a fire breaks out. This keeps everyone safe.