4 Reasons Fire Extinguishers Are Essential Tools for Everyday Safety

4 Reasons Fire Extinguishers Are Essential Tools for Everyday Safety
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4 Reasons Fire Extinguishers Are Essential Tools for Everyday Safety

Fires instantly create chaos as the flames engulf your business, putting everyone in danger. Businesses are especially vulnerable because of their unique fire hazards, such as a large number of outlets or the risk of kitchen fires. Fire suppression equipment can help keep lives and property safe during an emergency. This article will review the main reasons fire extinguishers remain an invaluable tool.

1. High Effectiveness

Fire extinguishers are carefully created to help you quickly put out fires. Employees often receive fire safety training, ensuring everyone on the property knows how to use them. This ensures fast action to put out nearby flames before they spread. According to Brandon Gaille, fire extinguishers can successfully put out about 80% of all fires.

2. Versatile Protection

Sprinkler systems offer protection but often only have water or one chemical to put out fires. Many businesses have a pull-style alarm that will turn on the sprinkler system. Some fires call for a chemical solution, and water can exacerbate the issue. For example, businesses that have large kitchens may have a grease fire. Using water can cause the fire to spread instead of putting it out. Fire extinguishers are available in various types to protect you against every kind of fire.

3. Ease of Operation

Fire extinguishers are known for being user-friendly. Most fire safety classes teach the acronym PASS to use this fire suppression equipment. This stands for “pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep.” Beginners can quickly master the art of using this equipment, making it easy to train the entire staff. Many extinguishers are lightweight to ensure anyone can carry one in an emergency. Their ease of use is another way they help keep the whole building safe.

4. Safety Compliance

Fire suppression equipment is required to ensure your business stays up to code with local safety regulations. Many local and state laws require that companies have various ways to protect the people inside the building in an emergency. These regulations typically include having a fire safety plan posted so people know how to evacuate and having fire extinguishers readily available.

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