Why you Need a Centralized Nurse Call System

When do you know that a patient is in distress? For healthcare institutions response time is everything. Knowing when a patient is in distress can make the difference between life and death; between quality care and neglect.  An updated nurse call system improves the quality and safety of your healthcare organization by increasing response time and offering multiple alerts. It’s time to ask yourself, how much will an outdated nurse call system cost your patients?

FireTron’s Life Saving Nurse Call Services

If your nurse call system is malfunctioning, how will you know? It could take a real emergency for you to figure out that something is wrong and by that time it might have already caused irreparable damage to a patient’s health. FireTron Inc. offers a variety of nurse call system services, including:

  • System testing
  • System service work
  • Facility survey
  • System design
  • System installation

Contact FireTron today and learn more about how you can improve your patient care. And check out the latest nurse call system equipment to innovate your patient care.