Why you need a Fire Sprinkler System

When safety and your livelihood are at risk, a fire sprinkler system is a critical element to you and your business’s protection. When activated, a fire sprinkler system can extinguish or suppress a fire, keeping it contained long enough for professionals to arrive and eliminate it.

Our  Services keep your Fire Sprinkler System in Peak Condition

Don’t let your fire sprinkler system fall into disrepair. FireTron cares about the safety of your business and employees. That’s why we service all fire sprinkler systems including wet, dry, pre-action, and anti-freeze. For every fire sprinkler system we can:

  • Design
  • Inspect
  • Modify
  • Repair
  • Install
  • Maintain

In addition to this, our experts can:

  • Service and repair fire hydrants
  • Modify underground fire lines

FireTron’s Fire Sprinkler Inspection Process

  1. Inspection coordinators contact you to schedule an appointment. While on the phone they will explain what will be required of you during the inspection.
  2. Upon the inspectors arrival, he will explain in greater depth how he will go about inspecting your fire sprinkler system. Each type of fire sprinkler system has different steps. The unique steps for your specific sprinkler system will be explained to the management team or staff that will be assisting.
  3. The inspector records his findings in a report, which the client is provided with shortly after the inspection.
  4. If problems are recorded with your fire sprinkler system, we will submit a proposal addressing the problems and providing a solution.
  5. If the proposal is accepted, our service department will order the materials required, and dispatch a service team to resolve the issue(s) as soon as possible.

Don’t wait for a fire to find out that your fire sprinkler system is on the fritz. Contact us today for an inspection and keep your business protected. Don’t have a fire sprinkler system? Check out our fire sprinkler equipment now.