The Importance of Emergency Communication in Schools

In a classroom, children can outnumber an adult by up to 30 to 1 in K-12 and 500 to 1 in continuing education settings.  When an emergency strikes you need to be prepared. Emergency communication allows you to contact emergency professionals, administrators, and parental figures fast when an emergency situation does occur.  In an emergency, time is crucial to circumventing disastrous results. An emergency communication system slows down the clock for you by speeding up response time. It’s time to ask yourself, how prepared are you for an emergency?

FireTron’s Critical Communication Services

Having an intelligent school communication system in place is an important part of creating an environment where students and parents feel secure. FireTron’s emergency communication systems services ensure that whether it’s day to day communication or a life threatening situation, you are prepared.  FireTron offers a variety of security and life saving services. These services include:

  • Onsite facility surveys
  • System designs
  • System installation
  • System service work

Contact FireTron today to learn more. Don’t have an emergency communication system for your school? Visit FireTron’s school communication equipment to learn more.