Improve your Fire Alarm Equipment with a Honeywell Notifier

Your business’s protection is only as good as your equipment. FireTron offers 3 innovative Honeywell Notifier models with the most updated and advanced technology.

 Honeywell Notifier NFS-320

Whether you’re a small facility, school, or establishment the Honeywell Notifier NFS-320 meets and goes beyond all of your fire detection system requirements. Introduce the Honeywell Notifier NFS-320 into your business and achieve a faster response time that surpasses worldwide code requirements through Flash Scan Technology

The Honeywell Notifier NFS-320 provides your business with:

  • 1 loop system
  • Stand alone or network configurable
  • Remote viewing
  • Specially programmed zones
  • Built-in Alarm, Trouble, and Supervisory relays
  • Digital protocol
  • 9 levels of sensitivity
  • Detector tests
  • Maintenance alerts, drift compensation, and sensitivity adjustment
  • User friendly graphic interface
  • Up to 318 addressable devices
  • Onyx technology to differentiate between smoke and non-smoke signals
  • Fire location pinpoint
  • Early warning capabilities
  • Advanced multi criteria fire detectors (smoke, heat, CO, and flame)
  • Unique environmental detection
  • Selectable system sensor strobe synchronization
  • 80 character remote annunciators
  • History file with 800-event capacity in nonvolatile memory
  • Separate 200-event alarm only file
  • And much more


Honeywell Notifier NFS2-640(E)

In addition to the features in the Honeywell Notifier NFS-320 model, the Honeywell Notifier NFS2-640(E) offers:

  • 1-2 loop system
  • Security relays
  • DVC digital audio loop
  • SCS series smoke control system support
  • Backlit, 640 character display
  • Optional integrated voice and fire fighter telephone
  • LED,LCD, OR PC-based graphic annunciators
  • Advanced detection products for challenging environments
  • Wireless fire protection
  • And much more

Honeywell Notifier NFS2-3030

By upgrading your fire alarm system to the Honeywell Notifier NFS2-3030, along with features of the NFS-320 and the NFS2-640(E), your business acquires a system that is designed to accommodate medium to large-scale facilities and offers:

  • 1-10 Single Line Circuits (SLC)
  • Up to 3 loops
  • Large 16 line display
  • Up to 3,180 intelligent addressable devices
  • A large 16 line display
  • Built-in Degraded Mode operation, compatible with general alarms
  • Changing sensitivity by time of day and day of the week
  • History file with 4,000-event capacity in nonvolatile memory
  • Separate 1,000-event alarm only file
  • Advanced history filters
  • And much more

You employees work hard to protect business. Do the same for them by keeping them safe with one of FireTron’s Honeywell Notifier fire alarm systems or other fire alarm systems. Contact FireTron today to learn more.