Honeywell Notifier

Your business’s protection is only as good as your equipment. FireTron offers 3 innovative Honeywell Notifier models with the most updated and advanced technology.

FM200 Fire Suppression

FireTron takes pride in providing clients with the most advanced paint booth, kitchen hood and fire suppression systems on the market. These systems include the Pyro-Chem FM200 fire suppression Clean Agent systems as well as systems manufactured by Kidde. A Pyro-Chem FM200 Fire Suppression system installed by FireTron provides your business with the protection you need when a standard fire alarm system isn’t the right fit.

Fire Extinguishers

FireTron offers two advanced and portable fire extinguishers to provide businesses with a first line of defense when a fire erupts.  A fire can erupt in any location from a number of electronic, cooking, chemical, and miscellaneous issues. Both Pyro Chem and Badger provide a dependable options to hold back and put out a fire before it spreads throughout your business.

Rauland Borg

While most events in a school won’t be an emergency, when dealing with children the ability to respond quickly is still a necessity. FireTron’s Rauland Borg systems will address all issues by automating and consolidating communication and emergency procedure through the entire facility

Security Systems

Safety and security is a top priority in any business and industry. FireTron provides the necessary equipment to protect your building and the lives of those inside with equipment such as closed circuit television and access control systems.

Tektone System

Unlike other businesses, healthcare institutions know that emergencies are unavoidable. FireTron offers a Tektone nurse call system to help make emergency situations more manageable by improving the ease of communication between patients and care givers.